Kirk scarlett, Founder

Board Certified Massage Therapist - License: CT#007491

Hello, my name is Kirk Scarlett and I am the CEO and founder of Healing Hands Massage, LLC. I’ve been practicing and teaching holistic medicine since 2012. I truly believe that all of my work and training translates back to the work I do each and every day. Curious to find out more about my therapeutic background, or how I became a Massage Therapist? Read more about my professional experience below.

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Swedish Massage Specialist and Expert

My name is Nema Phillips. I am a graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am a practitioner of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and Acupressure. I have experience in nutrition, childbirth education, and yoga prior to going to school for massage. I consider myself an eternal student, continuously seeking to learn and integrate modalities into my practice. My mission is to serve YOU - the client, using a wholistic approach and individualized treatment to help you achieve overall wellness. 

Latora Goss 

Swedish Massage Specialist and Expert

Latora made a profound choice to give back to the world in a therapeutic way after suffering from a stroke at the age of twenty-five. She received her massage therapy license from Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy located in Newington, CT. Latora Goss has practiced massage therapy for six years. She feels that the most rewarding part of her daily job is helping people heal. Latora is a professional LMT with a wide variety of modalities.

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Nefateri Kinsler

Deep Tissue Massage Specialist

Hello my name is Nefateri Kinsler. I am a graduate of Cortiva Institute. I am an attentive L.M.T who specialize in deep tissue and Swedish massage. I am consistently learning, and Mastering the art of massage to be able to assist my clients with their therapeutic rejuvenation needs.

Mariah Gonzalez

Deep Tissue Massage Specialist

I attended massage school at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2017 in Newington CT. My experience in working with the body have taught me many things. I’ve learned to listen and follow the tissue allowing for the deepest possible unwinding to occur by bringing relaxation and deep relief from physical and emotional pain we all carry with us. My work is a fusion of all that I have learned including Swedish, Deep Tissue, positional release and energy work. Each massage will be completely catered to you and your individual need as I assist in helping you heal the mind, body and soul. I look forward to connecting.



Maria Velez

Swedish Massage Specialist

Hello my name is Maria Velez. I’m a graduate of Cortiva Institute. I specialize in Swedish massage, bringing my clients to a pure relaxed physical and mental state, that will have them leaving the session feeling rejuvenated.


Alexis Ariza

Hi my name Alexis. I have been a spiritual massage therapist for 6 years. I specialize in spiritual energy cleansing, positive energy massages and guided energy healing along with traditional massage modalities such as Swedish and deep tissue. I’ve discovered my abilities 15 years ago, and with these gifts I’ve been given, my goal is to heal,enlighten and help to promote your over-all well being. We are all connected and everything happens for a reason. Healing and blessings is what I bring to you.


Angelica Castro

Expert Life Coach

Angelica is a Certified Mindset Life Coach with a BA in Community Health and a MA in Educational Psychology. If you decided to work with her, you will receive a complimentary one on one session to identify your health and wellness goals, set powerful intentions, and develop an abundant mindset to create positive habits that will transform your life!

Chibby Oparaocha

Fitness Coach

Chibby is a worldwide online/personal trainer with over 50,000+ winners across all social media platforms. He has transformed the lives of hundreds with fitness. He has been in your shoes before & started at ZERO back in 2016.

He has made it his life’s mission and passion to help and transform busy 9-5ers like you into your best selves by making your health and fitness goals stupid simple, while also putting an end to all the myths about supplements, long cardio, and unreasonably strict diets, so you can enjoy living your best life even with a wild schedule. 

Simply click the link here -> <- to set up a complimentary discovery call (Value: $97) where you’ll talk about your problem areas and goals to map out how you can reach them. If you’re a good fit, he will then allow you into his exclusive program.